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Our coaching & playing philosophy as a club is all about as many boys and girls as possible learning and having fun playing football. All our coaches are Level 1 qualified with many with higher qualifications such as Level 2 and the FA Youth Modules 1&2. What they share is a passion for the game, and an enthusiasm to pass this on. This coaches corner is for all our coaches to learn from one another, a place for lots of resources that you can explore and share, and for parents and players as well. See what the coaches do and what kind of sessions they put on week in week out.


Great little routine from Maradona.Even a genius has to practice! Check it out

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CrowmarshIn action

A joy to watch when training pays off in matches
Exercises and Games
Structuring sessions
There is plenty of material you can find on the web, and some of it is here, plus loads of links to stuff. Use it, amend it to suit your needs. But remember start with the outcomes you're looking to achieve, then plan/pick a session for those, rather than the other way round. Kids have a huge capacity to learn, so surprise them, stretch them, but above all keep it FUN!
Session plans
Example drills, session plans, blank templates………
Click on the links below to find examples of drills, session plans, blank templates….
For sessions on defending, midfield play and attacking click here
Playing through the 3rds session plan here
Defending late & counter here
Tik Tak Total session plan here
The House Game session plan here
Really good way of structuring sessions that follow on. Sample syllabus here
Blank session template
Handy links, websites, loads of material………
There are lots of websites that provide coaching advice, session plans etc. Some you have to pay for, others provide material free of charge. We've listed some that we know about which we have found useful and good places to go and visit. Remember, take the bits that work for you and your players. If you hear of any others let us know….

Football Association:
Football Association:
Want to know the playing and coaching philosophy of the England teams?
The Coaching Manual:
Soccer Tutor:
Oxfordshire FA:
Hive Learning (FA):
Inspire Coaches:
Sport Plan:

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